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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Micro Roastery, Canterbury

I had been admiring this place for a long while, and had heard so much about it, that I thought I would give it ago today, in order to cure my coffee pang. All the good things I heard were true. The place is amazing. All the coffee is sourced directly from the farms all over the world, and the beans are freshly ground depending on what coffee you are having. 

After many indecisive minutes, staring at the large beans dispensers hanging on the wall, I asked for the Barista's advice. She recommended the Brazilian bean and for it to be brewed in the Air Press (I think that's what it's called!) The coffee came like an Americano with no milk, and when I tasted it, it didn't need sugar. It was so mellow and easy to drink. 

During my coffee, I picked up one of the books displayed to read, which was a guide all about coffee. I learnt that the proper way to brew coffee with a Moka is to:

1. Make sure the water is hot when you fill it up. 2. Pre-heat your hob. 3. Brew with the lid open. 

I have been making my coffee wrong the whole time!! 

After my coffee and a nice chat about different grinds with the Barista, I decided to purchase the next level of intensity up, which she recommended was the Kenyan bean. 

The Kenyan coffee in its humble packaging. 

This evening I decided to give the new way to brew with a Moka a go. 

It tasted great with the Kenyan bean. Very smooth but aromatic. It wasn't strong and overpowering. Brewing this way made the coffee come out a lot more, and more concentrated. It tasted a lot fuller and flavoursome. 

I think next time I will try the next level of intensity and report back! Let me know if you visit the Micro Roastery, and what your thoughts are on the coffee. Happy brewing! 


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