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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Dinner #3

This post is going to be short, so I apologise. I'm very tired, and have already written one blog post tonight! 

I confess I may have not cooked tonight's dinner in the best way possible, as I was too busy talking to my fiancĂ© about his day, and left the pan simmering for too long. But it sure was tasty with a fiery kick of chilli!

Dinner tonight was Toulouse sausage cassoulet with a kick of chilli. It proved very easy to make by frying the onions and garlic, and then adding the tomato puree, cannelloni beans, thyme, bay leaf, seasoning, a whole chilli, chicken stock and cherry tomatoes. The grilled Toulouse sausages with their rough fibery texture and herby taste, are served ontop of the simmered cassoulet. This is where I went wrong, the simmer time was 20 mins, and I must have simmered for 30 mins. Anywhos, it was delish but very spicy (I shouldn't have stabbed the chilli too many times and pushed the seeds out into the pan because I thought I could handle it..oops!)


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