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Monday, 12 January 2015

The beginning of the journey

So the day has finally come. I'm on my way from Canterbury to enrol in one of the finest culinary schools in the world, Le Cordon Bleu. 
The whole of yesterday all I could think about was the anticipation of tomorrow arriving. Now I can't it's here and It's all beginning! Today!! 
I'm currently sat on the train, hoping I have everything with me. I've packed my kitchen shoes, a notebook (actually I packed two) and a few pens, which was required of us. Pictures of these to come later, along with the other goodies I'm hoping to collect today. I've also packed a bottle of water as I don't want to die of thirst, and some memo sticky note things, 'cause you never know! I have my weighing scales with me, because even though they didn't mention to bring them today, I thought I might just incase. I'd hate to be the only one who hasn't! I can always keep them in the locker so I don't have to bring them again, if we are allowed. 
One thing I'm trying not to worry about, after reading blogs about other people's experience of LCB, is public transportation. I know you may think I'm crazy, but I'm totally relying on it to get me to class on time everyday. The reason for my worrying is that if you are 15 mins late, you are not allowed in. If you miss4, you get kicked off! Eek. I hope I'm not ye only one. I expect most people will be living in London and just getting the tube. Although I know that can be unreliable too, but I hope not as I will. need to take it! My journey consists of one high speed train (thank God!) from Canterbury West station to St Pancras International, and then the Picadilly line to Holborn, which is only the second stop, luckily. It's only a 5 min walk from there. I'm glad the high speed train is fast and reasonably reliable as a lot of commuters take in to London, as it only takes 56 mins! 
Today is the day of orientation which starts at 10:30, with first class starting at 3:00pm until 6:00pm. I'll arrive early at St Pancras at 9:20, so I have plenty of time to mull around and get there. 
I'm going to leave it here for now as id love to eat my Bircher muesli yoghurt, which is my attempt to eat breakfast as I normally only drink a cafe latte in the morning! Expect pictures later! And more updates of my day to come! 

Jess x 

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