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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

New series - The Food Diary - Tuesday 17th November

So here I go again. Back to blogging! You can probably tell that the Le Cordon Bleu training took up A LOT of my time..hence why there's a post on my first day and then the writing stops! So sorry. I'm very excited, however, to be starting this blog again, as I do feel that it's good to have some sort of outlet to just talk about how you are feeling and most importantly, what you are eating! 

I hope my new 'series' of blog posts, in amongst others, hopefully, will encourage you to share what you eat in your daily life, as I find this the most interesting. The choices we make, be it a quick snack because you can't be bothered or a full gourmet meal. I tend to hop between those two quite often! I would love to say that I'm one of those who makes healthy choices on a daily basis, but I just don't. I'm human. I like sweet things. I do however try and be conscious of what I eat, and tend to pick at food a little un-often. 

I'm not going to put pressure on myself to post here, as I know when I do, I tend to not do it. I hope to write some other posts on more detailed topics, to provide more of a background to my diary posts, and also to provide you guys with more content to read, if you'd prefer not to listen to me rambling on about my day!

Here goes!

Okay so today I am feeling very hungry. Like constantly. I've so far drunk my morning caffe latte (a mug of milk heated up in the microwave with a spot of brewed lavazza or Ily coffee from the cafetiere). I drunk this a long with a piece of my homemade madeira cake that I made yesterday, when I was testing recipes for my new potential cake business. 
I usually just have coffee, so I can't really explain why I am so hungry at this hour, when I've eaten extra already: I also had a petis filous yoghurt (strawberry) and a paprika rice cracker. It is 12:10 I guess.. which means It's time for lunch! Lunch for me today will be the leftovers of our spiced vegetable casserole from last night. I used a Mary Berry recipe, which I can leave down below for you all, as it was rather nice and lovely and warming on a wintery eve.
Tonight we will be eating at our local pub at the end of our lane, as it's quiz night and we want to make more effort to meet the neigbours! Perhaps I will be back later to document what I had.

Hope you've enjoyed this rather long post. I also hope you are as interested as I am in what other people eat! I just want to know, what did you eat today?

Spiced Vegetable Casserole
Serves 4

2 tbsp olive oil (the book states vegetable but I much prefer olive)
1 onion, roughly chopped
1 garlic clove, crushed (I didn't have any for mine!)
1 tsp turmeric
1 can of 400g plum tomatoes
1 bag of the Waitrose butternut soup mix (I used this as a substitute for a whole butternut squash, as I hate cutting them)
Half a cauliflower, broken into small pieces
1 yellow pepper, deseeded and cut small
1 can of 400g chickpeas, drained
600ml of vegetable stock (I use unsalted versions)
2 tbsp of Harissa paste (2 tbsp is more than enough for this quantity. The book's recipe serves 10 and uses this amount. I added 2 as I like spice, although it was particularly spicey).
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

I omitted the coriander, as I despise it!

1. Heat oven to 160c/140c fan/ gas 3.

2. Heat oil in a large flameproof casserole dish. Fry the onions until transparent. Add the garlic and turmeric and fry for 30 seconds.

3. Add the tomatoes, squash soup mix, cauliflower and peppers. Stir and then add chickpeas and stock. 

4. Boil and then cover with a lid and cook in oven for an hour.

5. Remove a couple of tbsp of the juice to blend in with the harissa paste. Stir back into the casserole and adjust with seasoning.

6. Serve with rice, and also a couple of slices of buttery sourdough. Perfect!


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