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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Tuesday 24th November - Not a great day for food + porridge

I know I'm writing this a few days late, but you'll see why from what I'm about to tell you! 
Tuesday was a write-off when it comes to feeding ones mouth. However it did not intend to be this way. It all started with the usual breakfast of coffee, and then at about 9am I decided (very unlike me) to have some porridge! Now I don't usually make porridge, but it was like as if I knew that my body would need 'extra' feeding today. 

The porridge I made is very simple. All you need is:
Porridge oats
Milk (I used semi-skimmed but just because that's all we had)
Some sort of topping - I used Daylesford Organic Prune Compote, available from Ocado (optional)

1. Fill a saucepan with the amount of porridge oats you wish to consume.
2. Cover with milk. I decided that this is the easiest way. There's no need to weigh out your milk and work out the ratio of oats to milk, as long as it's covered then you're fine, unless you like yours really runny or really thick, you can alter it. 
3. Heat slowly and stir until the milk has soaked into the oats, or to your liking. Mine took about 5 minutes.
4. Finish with a topping of your choice. The most popular are: golden syrup, fruit, compotes and jams. I used a prune compote and then garnished it with some redcurrant. How very seasonal of me!

If you know of any other toppings for porridge that I've missed, or unusual ones, then please let me know!

So back to my day...
After the porridge, and a few hour later, since I knew I was off to the dentist, I decided to make sure I ate some sort of snack, but not a full blown lunch, as I could have that afterwards couldn't I?
My snack of choice were some Quavers. I know. How healthy.
Off to the dentist I went with my wisdom teeth intact, and out I come 2 teeth-less. The dentist suggested I could have these problem wisdom teeth out there and then! I almost chickened out and said I needed to work myself up to it and book the week later, but then as I was leaving I suddenly thought, since it's such a quick procedure, it may as well do it and save me coming back. So I went for it. It wasn't painful, just strange being all numb. I was advised not to EAT or DRINK or even RINSE until after 6 six hours. I was so hungry by this point. I spent the evening curled up on the sofa, thinking of food. All I could eat were cold foods, so after the 6 hours were up I ate: brie (nice and soft), sushi (the most troublesome - I feared that I got a piece of rice stuck in the gap!), and a chocolate M&S sundae (mega yum, apart from the hidden honeycomb pieces which proved also troublesome). 

So yeah... not a good day for food, but I'm glad I was blessed with little pain after, but just a rumbling tum the next morning!

Jess x


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