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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

December Tea Favourites

This time of year is the season when we all get excited about hot drinks, but not just ordinary tea (i'm not a fan) or coffee, but herbal, fruit and spiced teas, and special types of coffee! I must admit, I do have quite a large collection that I have collected over the past few years, but recently I have been discovering some new ones.

T2 Sweet Spiced Loose Leaf Flavoured Fruit Tea
7.50 for 100g.

You may have heard of T2 before, or if you are like me and obviously live under a tea shaped rock, you haven't. The first time I heard of T2 was when at the Taste London festival in the summer, where they had a stand. One of my Australian friends pointed out that it's an Australian company and that they do really good tea, and a lot of it. So when I moved to Cheltenham in August and discovered that they recently opened a T2 shop, I was intrigued!
They stock a wide selection of black, fruit and herbal teas, with some very interesting flavours (Toasted Marshmallow anyone?) 
Since it's nearing to Christmas, I opted for the Sweet Spice tea after trying one of their samples. It tasted very much like mulled wine, so a great alternative to alcohol for those designated drivers around Christmas time!

Here's what it looks like inside

What I love about this tea is that the sweetness comes from the little meringue pieces - how cute! Definitely recommend!


Onyx London Orange Cookies Black Tea
£8.28 for 90g.
£13.80 for 200g.

Onyx London is a company that has recently launched by one of my patisserie course friends. A lovely couple who obviously absolutely adore tea! 
This tea was gifted to me by them, and even though I'm not usually a big fan of orange flavours, I didn't find it too orangey at all! I really liked it's light flavours which leaves a hint of spice in your mouth afterwards. This tea is perfect for those times when you just want to curl up on the sofa with a blanket, stick on your favourite Christmas movie and just chill out. They also have a gift option too, so also a brilliant Christmas present for your tea fanatic friends.

Keiths of Cirencester Christmas Coffee
I actually cannot remember the exact price, but I reckon around £5.00 for a bag. They also do not have a website.

I recently mentioned my trip to buy this coffee in one of my previous posts hereI have however since tried it, and am really liking this one. I have bought Christmas coffees in the past (I think my last one was from Harrods) but none have compared to this one. It has a bit of a nutty flavour, and a very light spice to it, whilst still tasting like normal coffee, if that makes sense at all! These flavours are not strong, but I just really like using it for my morning caffe latte. With the milk, the flavours really stand out. A great one for Christmas morning I think!

The shop is located in Cirencester on Black Jack St (GL7 2AA)


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