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Thursday, 3 December 2015

My Very Easy American Dinner Party

So as you know, I had my sister and her friend to stay last weekend. Because I love my food, I really like to try and experiment when I have visitors - I never seem to opt for the easy, tried and tested route. And since we are off on our honeymoon to New York on 20th December, I thought what a better theme to have than American, to get us all excited for our trip! 
I didn't want to make the meal too difficult though, as we had planned a day of shopping, so I would have to cook it after we got back, and no-one likes that! 
I had a little search on Pinterest and found two really yummy recipes, which didn't take long to prepare and cook at all! 

Firstly, here's my table all ready (I didn't really go American with the table theme as the plan was a little late notice! Also the only table cloths I own are floral, and the most suitable one was in the wash - doh!)

I decided to start with some simple sticky chicken bites, which are basically chicken pieces wrapped in bacon, that has been mixed into a mixture of brown sugar, chilli powder and cayenne pepper. And OMG they were SO GOOD. They literally went like hot cakes. A very good choice!

Obviously you can't have an American meal without at least one American condiment... (The Beaver sauce was found at Ocado).

For the main, I choice a simple American style, no fuss burger. I know my plate looks a tad messy, but this wasn't a serious dinner party! This is how food actually looks people! Haha. I cheated on the chips and bought frozen Mcains Peri Peri chips, but then I added on some extra Nandos Peri Peri salt. They were quite nice, but not as authentic as Nandos!
The burgers however, I made myself. And boy they were the easiest thing ever to make. Literally, you just shape your mince into balls and then place them into a really hot pan with oil, and as they were cooking, flatten them as much as you can. They should take about a few mins to cook each side. 
As the blog I found this one had stated, if you are going to make a REAL American burger, then you gotta use real American cheese: the processed kind! I usually hate this cheese, but it really went well with this burger! It wouldn't have worked with any other kind of cheese. 
I didn't bother toasting the buns, as that would be more hassle!
Here's the link where I found the burger recipe:


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