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Friday, 1 January 2016

Disaster stew

I know I haven't written in a while, what with it being Christmas and all, and also having been on my amazing honeymoon to New York (posts to follow); however I had to just let you know something I learnt this afternoon: never use a non-flameproof casserole dish on the hob. 
I know what you are thinking, isn't it obvious? Well I wasn't to know if my casserole dish was flameproof or not! I bought it ages ago at Argos (a cheap purchase when we desperately wanted a casserole), but I couldn't remember from the 'instructions' whether it was flameproof, and I had used it before and it was fine. However this afternoon, whilst preparing a stew for our New Years Day dinner (my parents are also here), I poured in some red wine to the already braised meat, and BOOM, CRACK: the whole pot collapses and out floods the red wine and all the little carrot and meat pieces. Disaster had struck! After finding it all funny and slightly annoying; and participating in amounts of cleaning (thank you Fabio!), we all then had to decide whether we would risk eating what remained of the stew, and possibly pieces of the dish! Did we risk it? The meat did look very nice. It looked like it had the potential to become a a great meal. After some discussion, we all decided that the best bet was to just give in and get a takeaway. So that's what our first meal will be in the Cantoni household to begin 2016. Let's hope this isn't a prelude of dinners to come! Haha.


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