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Friday, 26 February 2016

The life of our 3-legged cat named Tinker

Hello, this is Tinker. She is our 3-legged cat. 

In this post I want to share with you what it is like to live with an animal with a disability. I was actually thinking of making this into a series of posts following the life of Tinker. I may even do a video or three! 

Just because an animal has a disability, it doesn't mean you should think any different about adopting them. When Fabio and I went to the Animal centre in Cheltenham we had a choice between several cats, but despite her missing leg, Tinker came across so sweet and like any cat, just wanted to find her forever home. We didn't think twice and now she is one of the family. 

This is Tinker when we first met her at the lovely shelter

Tinker joined us this January 17th. And this is her hiding under our sofa when we first brought her home! I tried to create a treat trail but I soon found out she isn't a fan of healthy treats, only the 'junk food' style Dreamies! She eventually came out an hour later. 

Tinker's firsts

Our first cuddles on the sofa. 

Tinker's first play with Fabio and the string

Tinker's Faves

Chilling on the sofa, looking intelligent (obviously having just read that Farmhouse Cookery book just there)

Lying on her back on the floor with Fabio (she was SO posing for this one!)

Sleeping with her head in her paw (obviously had a hard day!)

Resting on our bed!

But she does also like her own bed! (Thankfully - although we do get woken up in the night with her little meows, announcing herself when she comes into our room).

Dinnertime (who doesn't?) Tinker likes to eat anything from Applaws. Yes, she's that kind of cat. 

Sticking her bum out at me!

Sleeping under blankets! She has claimed both of them!

Joining us at the table. She does look moody there doesn't she!

Chilling with me when i'm reading in bed.

Now this is the part of the blog where I hand you over to Tinker and she explains the week she has had so far. 

Tinker's week

Hello there. I'm so glad my owner has finally given me the reins to this laptop. So this week I helped my owner open a massive parcel that came all the way from America. Nothing for me i'm afraid!

Me and this bag haven't seen eye-to-eye since I arrived. Yesterday I finally gave in and went for the attack! (Video to follow)

A note to the above: I (Jess) have been trying to compile a video all day of different clips we have of Tinker, but my Mac is being silly and is saying my memory is full, which is somehow stopping me from putting audio over the video. Any who, so I'm having a massive photo sort out, transferring files onto my hardrive and once that's done, I hopefully will have the video!

It's quite late now so I'm finally going to upload this! Sorry it couldn't have been up earlier! Also hope you enjoyed reading something a bit different!



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