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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Fitness Update #1

I thought to do this post this evening for several reasons:

1. To stay motivated
2. Log my fitness activities weekly in order to see my progress
3. To share any tips I may have (although don't count on me for this straight away!)

So my husband and I joined the gym on April 11th and have been going at least once each week since. 

I like to engage in a variety of activities such as swimming and classes, whereas my husband prefers to use the fitness suite. 

We're both not really cardio lovers (we find running quite boring!) and I don't really like to use the cycle machines as it seems pointless cycling to nowhere (although I do use them just because).

I like activities that work on flexibility and stamina. The husband likes exercises such as weights and martial arts (although he has not practised this in a while).

We both love trampolining!

Exercise Regime so far... (I'll have to log 3 weeks worth here)

Week 1

Monday April 11th - Use of fitness suite for an hour
Tuesday April 12th - Swimming for an hour
Friday 15th April - Pilates class (1 hour)

Week 2

Monday 18th April - Swimming for an hour
Tuesday 19th April - FitSteps class (45 mins)
Saturday 23rd April - Trampolining for an hour (Jumptastic in Gloucester)

Week 3

Tuesday 26th April - FitSteps class 
Thursday 28th - Swimming for 45 mins

So all in all it's been a good start when it comes to keeping it up! I've noticed, looking at this, that we don't go consistently in the same days, but that's life I guess. 
Maybe I need to do more cardio, and definitely try and go to Pilates more often (one problem is that it's only on in the daytime).

Next Month's GOAL: Definitely go 3 times a week, consistently.

Do you go to the gym? If so, how do you stay motivated? 

Also if anyone writes something similar to this, let me know as I'd love to read someone else's regimes for tips and inspiration.


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