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Monday, 9 May 2016

Magazine Mondays: 9th May

So it's that time of the week again; time to share what you've been cooking! 
Now you may have noticed that this weeks link-up is text-only. This is due to having no participants last week (I mean, what did I expect having only just launched this!?) However this means that I've decided not to subscribe to the extended account with Inlinkz, as I see no point paying £2.99 a month when it's only me linking up! So until I get a few people regularly, I won't be subscribing. 

Anywhoooo.. back to what it's all about! For those of you who don't know (which I'm guessing is all of you!) what Magazine Mondays is, it's basically a place where we can all share the recipes we have cooked from any magazine or newspaper cutting you may have been saving. This link up gives you the opportunity and excuse to get cooking from them! 

How will it work?

  • Choose a recipe from: magazine, newspaper, recipe book that you've been dying to try
  • Share  your recipe on your blog and use the hashtag #magazinemondays on Twitter, and tweet me in the process (@fessjarmer) - I will retweet and comment on all 
  • Each month I may include yours as apart of my favourites in a round-up post
  • Share the love on your post by adding the Magazine Mondays board - use the html below and copy into your post
  • Add your link by using the button below, and this will appear as a collage on my page
  • Spread the cuttings love and comment on at least one person's post - you may get one back!

Jess Cantoni

So what are you waiting for - spread the cuttings love!! 

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