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Saturday, 7 May 2016

My Week In Short #1

24/05/16 - 07/05/16

This is just a quick post to update you all on what's been going on in our week, the good and the great (got to stay positive!)

As not to bore you all, I will explain in short sentences :)
Also this includes two weeks, not one, as I wanted to talk about a few things that happened in April. 

1. We have no floor. My Dad ripped it up (because we asked him, haha - he's not on a rampage!)

2. Our downstairs walls have been painted a lovely bright white. We used Dulux Light and Space Brilliant White. Will show piccies when finished.

3. I made a delicious curried fish pie by Jamie Oliver when my parents were here. I definitely recommend it as an alternative to a normal fish pie. Watch Jamie cook it, here. 

4. The family and I went for a little trip a pub in Slad called The Woolpack Inn. Had tried to go there before with friends but it was closed as we were early. The food there is scrum. Fabio and I ate a burger that was massive and the 'rents had fish 'n' chips. Check out if you're in South Gloucestershire. The views are spectacular too. 

5. Unfortunately we've had a bit of a poorly cat. Two vet visits later (one today) and we still don't know what's wrong until the blood and faecal results come back. Here's hoping it's nothing too serious! Poor Tinker :(

 6. I found a real treasure in a charity shop in Painswick: two used Diptyque candle holders for £3 which I'm going to use to put my own candles in, or a bunch of flowers. They look lovely on the mantlepiece.

7. I had my CELTA (teaching English as a foreign language) interview and found out I passed (interview, test and presentation!) on the same day. Now I have serious wanderlust already. Have been reading Susan Griffiths book 'Work Your Way Around The World'. Definitely recommend it even if you're not going to work abroad. There are several tips and resources for cheaper flights etc inside. 

8. My blog has had a successful week with a very steep rise in views. This is definitely due to me adding my pages to Stumpleupon. Try it and you will see what I mean! Every little source helps I guess, even if they don't stay long. 

9. Discovered a Meditterranean Deli in Painswick. They sell yummy lemon cake!

  - damn images won't align!

10. Found the best Thai in Cheltenham: Thai Emerald.

11. It was a treat to have lunch at Wholefoods today. We don't do our shopping their that often (I wonder why!) but when we do, I enjoy it more. Below is my coconut chicken sandwich with mango salad and coleslaw. IT WAS SO GOOD!

How's your week been? What memorable moments happened for you? Would love to hear. 


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