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Monday, 16 May 2016

My Week In Short #2

08/05/16 - 15/05/16

I hope you all had a fantastic week and that the sun was shining your way, wherever you are in the world! 

1. This post begins on the Sunday before last, where we mainly spent the day outside in the sun! Although we did have to take poor Tinker to the vets the day before as she hasn't been very well. She had a blood test, injection for any inflammation and has been put back on antibiotics, which are soon finishing, thankfully! She did enjoy herself in the sun on Sunday though! She loves rolling around on her back, funny little kitty. 

2. We also enjoyed another BBQ! I would say this was the 4th of the year so far, so we're doing well! Here's Fabio being manly, lighting and inspecting the fire! 

3. Fabio took me as a treat, to my favourite supermarket (Wholefoods), and that's where I found the items for the summery salad above which I served alongside our BBQ'd meat. We don't go that often as it's dangerous.. so easy to spend so much money on food! You'll often leave feeling bad, trust me! The prices are extensive, but you do pay for the quality, and the quality is high at Wholefoods, what with it being Organic and all. 

4. On Friday our house became even more upside down, when the delivery of our flooring arrived. Now we currently have a millions planks of wood piled high in our lounge. They won't be being laid until at some point in June. I cannot wait for this day to come. I want my house back!! Also it's proving hard to find good locations to take photographs, as all you can see in the background is our horrible underlay! When we get our lovely wooden flooring, at least I'll be able to use it for picture backgrounds!

5. On Saturday we ventured into Stroud with our two lovely friends, to their Saturday Farmer's market, one of the busiest and biggest markets apparently! And busy and big it was! It spanned several streets through Stroud high street. We were overwhelmed with choice but Fabio and I succumbed to the raclette, as I had never tried it before! I've tried fondue in Geneva, but this was something else! As you can see above, the cheese is grilled by a piece of metal and then scraped off onto your plate. Ours was served with garlicky boiled potatoes, pickles and salad, and boy was it good. I may have to do a separate post with a recipe, as it's definitely worth trying at home!

6.  Saturday night we drove to Didcot (about an hour and a half away) for a friend from uni's Birthday BBQ. It was so lovely to see people we hadn't seen for at least a couple of years, and also others which we don't get to see as often as we like. There was good music, A LOT of meat and alcohol, as well as a lot of banter and chit chat. Despite the drive home at midnight, via Oxford, to drop off a couple of friends, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and will definitely be thinking of hosting some parties of our own again at some point!

7. Sunday was BBQ time again!! However before this random BBQ ensued, Fabio and I spent our afternoon in Cheltenham, finally giving the Milkbar a visit, to test their crepes and ice cream. I chose a ham and cheese crepe, as we hadn't had lunch yet, and Fabio a bacon and maple syrup crepe. I really enjoyed mine. The crepe was so filling but very well made, and the cheese was nice and strong; just what you need melted in a crepe. Afterwards Fabio enjoyed a mango and vanilla ice cream affogato (he got to choose the flavours) which they 'drowned' (as that is what affogato means) in cointreau. Usually it's coffee, but this was a bit unique. 
I stuck to my normal choice when I am under the pressure of choosing a flavour: mint choc chip, one scoop with cone. YUM!

That's our week! Let me hear your top 3 favourite moments from your past week, in the comments below. 


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