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Thursday, 26 May 2016

My Week In Short #3

16/05/16 - 22/05/16

Gifford's Circus at Sudeley Castle (explained below)

This week's update is a bit late, I know, but I thought I may as well share it with you anyway as last weekend in particular was quite busy and I really want to show you what we got up to!

The beginning of the week was really sunny and I remember that I made Gazpacho for dinner for the blog. It was a lovely way to cool down from the rare amount of heat that was resonating through the French doors. Fabio wasn't too sure about cold soup..maybe next time! I on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed it, although I must admit, it is a bit weird at first!

I honestly can't remember what I did on Tuesday (I must remember to take more photos or make note what we did!) but all I do know is that we actually went to the gym for once! I'm really getting into using the cross-trainer at the moment. More on that when I write my monthly fitness post. 

Wednesday and Thursday are a blur to be honest...

However FRIDAY was a good day and I actually remember! 

So on Friday, our friend Alasdair from when we lived in Canterbury (he doesn't live there now) came to visit. 
We took him to our favourite Thai restaurant, Thai Emerald in Cheltenham (which I mentioned in my first update), which he really enjoyed. I decided to try a Panang this time. Again, I forgot to take photos! The staff are really friend and the service is so quick. Would definitely recommend if you happen to around the area looking for a good cheap eat. 

After the Thai, we came back to ours and just chilled from all the eating, and properly caught up.

Saturday was the best day of the whole weekend. Our other friends from Canterbury spontaneously came to visit as well! It was perfect as we all got to see each other together. However we (Fabio, Alasdair and I) began the morning by a little trip to Chedworth Roman Villa. 

Now that image above isn't the Roman Villa at all, although I thought it was at first as it's one of the first and only villa-like building you see when you arrive at the site. Obviously I realised the building is more Tudor-like than Roman! It was actually where the museum is. We didn't end up going inside that part because of limited time. 

We don't live too far away from Chedworth, so it was nice to visit somewhere so historical near where we live. 
We ended up buying National Trust membership (why not!), so all were allowed on the tour. It was tipping down with rain, so we had fun standing there, listening to the guide give a run down of what felt like the all the Roman history. Luckily it was very condensed and he was funny, so it kept me listening despite my shoes getting very wet (why did I wear ballet flats..) 

Inside the only other building, which housed the Roman mosaic remains, we explored and listened to what life was like for an elite Roman family living in the area. The mosaics were so pretty and I couldn't quite begin to believe how old and well-preserved they are. It's hard to fathom that they actually come from Roman times and are not fake replicas. Unfortunately it was hard to get a descent picture as it was quite dark.

The wet weather made the grass and trees look so luscious and green. These are some photos from our walk from the Roman Villa back to the car. Oh and I forgot mention that the 'Roman Villa' is actually a cluster of 'rooms' without a roof. The site is basically just the remains of where the villa would have been.

After meeting our other friends who came to visit, we all had a quick lunch of soup courtesy of Covent Garden. A drive to Painswick followed by a lovely coffee and piece of cake from The Patchwork Mouse Art Cafe really was a great way to spend a Saturday surrounded by the people you love. 

Our lovely friends

The evening ensued and we were off again to Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe, to see Gifford's Circus perform. I'd heard so much about how great it was and I definitely didn't doubt those recommendations. It certainly lived up to expectations. It was magical, mystical, funny (Tweedy the clown and his pet iron called Keith!) and edge-of-your-seat-type gripping, especially when the acrobats performed. I definitely recommend anyone who hasn't seen them before, to go and see them whilst they are still touring. Here's a link to their page and dates of their tour. I would say that Gifford's Circus is one of the friendliest circuses (no animal cruelty!) around - probably the best next to Cirque du Soleil!

Sunday started off as a sunny one, so we all went into Cheltenham for a yummy breakfast at Montpellier Cafe

The Montpellier Breakfast / £6.50

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon / £5.95

Mature Cheddar Cheese on Toast / £3.95 (My choice)

After an exhausting game of frisbee in the park, to top off a great weekend and also to cool us down, we went and enjoyed an ice cream at Milk Bar, an authentic Italian gelateria near the Promenade. Their artisan ice creams are to die for. I opted for the banana ice cream as it was just what I fancied. 

And so the weekend was finished off back at ours with board games galore: Munchkin, Backpackers and Mr & Mrs, as it was tipping down with rain. I even lit and candle or two! Then Japanese for dinner whilst watching Me, Myself and Irene, before bidding goodbye to our friends. Until next time! 

What did you get up to last week? Did you manage to enjoy a bit of sun? Did you get done what you had hoped?


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