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Friday, 29 July 2016

Tropical smoothie time

I know you're thinking... tropical smoothie? In this non-existent summer weather?? Well I'm hoping this creamy, coconut-y smoothie will conjure up thoughts of summers past, and perhaps give the sun a reason to come out! 
To put this into perspective, I'm currently sat outside under a canopy writing this post. It's raining. We're having a BBQ. We British power on! 

If you can think of something tropical, I can guarantee you it's in this smoothie.*

* Sun is not a requirement. 

1 Cocoface coconut (or you could use any coconut water)
1 small bowl full of Waitrose frozen exotic fruit 
Half a lime
Half a bowl full of chopped pineapple
2 tbsp of Rachel's Greek Style coconut yoghurt (or any you can find)

1. Pour in your blender: exotic fruits, pineapple and yoghurt.

2. Hack open your Cocoface coconut and pour in about 50 ml of the water (you can adjust where you see fit, but it's best to add less at the beginning).

3. Add a squeeze of half a lime. Blend away!

4. If you feel you want it more smooth, add more coconut water. If you want it thicker, add more yoghurt. 

5. Enjoy whilst sitting on the beach, watching the world go by (or under a canopy in your back garden whilst it rains!)

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