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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Shopping? Nah!

So this is me writing this post in bed, attempting to give this daily blogging thing a try. 

Today was a good day. The Husband and I went to Birmingham to hand some docs into my new place of work, and had a little Pokemon hunt whilst there. I mean, why else would be visiting B'Ham for? Not for the reason that there's a massive shopping centre nearby... 

Sometimes I don't feel like shopping. Anyone else with me here? 
I don't see the point in shopping for the sake of shopping. Yes, there were shops nearby that we don't have where we live, but they're not going anywhere! You can just shop online anyway. 

I can tell when I'm shopping for shoppings sake, because I can hear this nagging voice in the back of my head, telling me to turn around and go home. Often I listen to this voice. Actually, most of the time I just avoid the shops altogether. 

I used to love going shopping with my parents, buying random things just because. But now I'm different; I only pop in for a certain item. I tend to carry a list with me to make it easier. I'm also now more decisive than ever. I don't tend to dither if I like something. I also know what I definitely don't like. I'm not very good shopping with others either, as I like to stay focused. I can't concentrate whilst talking!

Gosh I sound so anti social and boring, but honestly this is what I'm like! 

The only exception for me is a book shops, my once vice in life... More on that in a later post! 

Are any of you like this? Or are you addicted to shopping? 

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