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Monday, 10 October 2016

Test: Abel and Cole Recipe Boxes

Last week I decided to try out Abel and Cole's recipe boxes as there was a pretty good deal to get the boxes half price! I'd ordered from A & C before but never their veg, fruit or recipe boxes. I however have discovered that I will definitely be able to rely on them for easy, healthy meals in the future, if ever in need of some recipe inspiration! It's so easy to order from them, and there's so much choice, from 'foodie', 'veggie', 'light' and 'Simple', you can really mix and match. You can swap out recipes you don't want, and add in others at sometimes a cheaper price. 

Here's what I cooked:

Pork Meatballs, Aubergine and Parmesan

This dish took a long hour and 20 minutes, unfortunately, so not great for mid-week meals. I decided to make this on the weekend, so I wasn't bothered by this. Good to bare in mind though that some of A & C's meals are a tad long. 
It was a treat to eat homemade meatballs, and the pasta was so silky! 

French Bean and Green Lentil Jambalaya

From the 'light' box, this jambalaya was quite quick and better for a mid-week meal. I decided to add some lamb pieces to it though, as I had some in the fridge! The husband didn't love it though-  I think it needed more flavour! 

Warm Squash, Lentils, Swiss Chard and Halloumi

This dish was from the 'Florence' box, one that I don't think they are doing anymore - it was a limited thing they were doing with Times chef and columnist, Florence Knight. However, despite how salad-like it looks, it was rather filling! It was fresh and lemony, and the fattiness of the halloumi really goes well with it, giving it that meaty-eque taste. The red onion squash was so nice roasted, and you could even eat the skin! It only took 30 minutes and was one of my fave meals from the box.

So there were have it - my 3 meals from last week. I liked it so much that i've got the delivery again for this week. Luckily I'm getting the boxes for £25ish, when usually it's £42.

Have you ever tried an Abel and Cole recipe box? 
If you would like me to give you any recipes from this post, feel free to ask! 


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