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Sunday, 15 January 2017

19 Bloggers to Bookmark, Read and Follow in 2017

In December last year I shouted out on Twitter, asking for people who were partaking in Blogmas. I was planning a post, listing all the people who I recommend to watch (unfortunately life got in the way). The advantage of doing this was that I discovered many new bloggers on the way. You may know some of these already or maybe you don't, but I always love discovering new bloggers to read, so here's some to start you off. 

I'm thinking of doing this post every month, so if you want to be included in next month's post, please let me know. It's all about spreading the love on this blog!

Note - it was really hard to categorise these blogs, as most of them post a variety of topics. I've done the best I could!

A bit of Everything

The Little Magpie
Glamorous 24 year-old English Literature graduate, Amy Spencer, blogs away about mainly fashion but also incorporates travel/lifestyle and beauty into her posts too. Her OOTD's are great inspiration.

Sophia Meola
Sophie's posts are of the helpful kind (7 top tips for staying organised and 104 blog posts to keep you inspired) and her photos are so pretty, I envy them! She was also shortlisted for several blog awards in 2013/14.

Laura Hadley
Liverpudlian Laura is down-to-earth in her posts about fashion, beauty and lifestyle - one to watch!

See the Stars
I love the freshness of Sarah's blog. Her Sunday summary's are a interesting round-up of her week and makes good reading. I also love that she has a category for 'Disney' and 'TV'!

Dainty Alice
With her ever-growing blog, Alice's posts are mainly beauty with a touch of lifestyle. She also blogs about her favourite books (mainly fashion based).

Sweet Allure

When reading Tarnya's posts, I feel like I'm speaking to a friend. Her posts are beautifully photographed and range from what to watch on Netflix, to a cheeky little Lush haul.

The Flower that Blooms
Written by two sisters, Lauren and Rachel this blog is down-to-earth, bright and lively. The posts vary from beauty to lifestyle. They are both advocates of cruelty-free beauty products too. One to watch!

Food, Lifestyle and Travel

The Curvaceous Vegan
I love Amie's straightforward outlook in life. She shouts about mental health and writes posts on some interesting topics (latest one on diet culture is a good read). Oh and she makes so pretty delicious vegan foods too. Win win.

Nettle and Blackberry
Imii's beautifully photographed blog covers all three categories, but it's the travel section which I love the most. It's that she doesn't she focus on foreign travel, but also the beauty of our little island. Makes me want to do a staycation.

No Space for Milk
Mainly focusing on mental health and well-being, Rachel's posts are well-thought out are again, like talking to a friend. I'm definitely going to become a dedicated reader to this one.

Food Alert

Jess and Josh Cook
I've been following Brighton-based, Jess and Josh's, for a while now, and you should too. Their posts mainly feature restaurant reviews and comfort food perfect for a winter's eve.

Sneaky Veg
Blogging about all things veg-related, Mandy is the go-to gal. I've been reading Mandy's blog regularly, and her veggie recipes that are developed with her kids in mind, are great for those parents whose kids struggle to eat veg.

Easy Peasy Foodie
Another one of my regular reads, Eb's traybakes are JUST. I don't even think I need to finish that sentence. Eb cooks with an Italian influence and she doesn't disappoint. Her beautifully photographed meals just make you want to cook up a storm.

Hijacked by Twins 
One of the CookBlogShare round-up ladies, busy Mum Kirsty is an inspiration to all Mums. Her recipes are healthy and low-cost. The perfect one to follow if you're feeling the pinch this year. I just love her ideas!

Recipes Made Easy
Jacqui's blog is foodie heaven. Her meals are beautifully styled and are usually inspired by British or French cuisine, with a twist. Basil ice-cream anyone?

Ren Behan Food
If you're looking for nourishing, on-trend meals, then this blog is for you. Ren is a food writer, having written for and Good Food, she continues to inspire me, oh and also makes me hungry!

Well-travelled and vegan, this blogger is cooking up some interesting dishes based on the many places she has lived (currently it's Slovenia). From vegan nutella cream liqueur, to vegan mincemeat, you'll never fail to find inspiration for dinner.

Literature, Lifestyle/Writing

Rachel Pattinson
Written by my dear friend, Rachel, her blog is mainly musings of being a writer, and the difficulties she sometimes faces. Despite the gripes, her blog always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh. Being a massive LOTR fan, it also features the odd LOTR gif too. 

Poppies in October
From books to advice, I just know that Poppies in October is going to become a regular of mine to read this year. Her posts are so well thought out, and cover topics such as Top Life Tips and new Mental Health Interview series.


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