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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Weekly Meal Plan Feb 20th

Today is one of those Sundays where it has started out where I'm thinking i've got nothing to do, and now it has amounted to a list as long as my arm! I don't know why I do it to myself, but some how I create so many things that need doing... I need to learn to chill! Anywho, one thing which I have ticked off my list on Friday was my meal plan for next week. This week, all of my recipes come from (a book I keep preaching about on all social media without realising!) the One Pound Meals book by Miguel Barclay. I cannot rave anymore about how wonderful this book is, and I won't, as you've probably heard enough! 

All of my choices have been chosen with the idea that the leftovers will be used for our work lunches. 


Chicken Lentil Korma - I had some red lentils in the larder, so I thought I'd better use them up!


Huevos con Chorizo - The Spanish make the best, flavoursome dishes! The only thing is that I won't take a fried egg to work as I don't like thought of re-heating it..ew. I'll just take the potatoes, peppers and chorizo.


Chicken Tartiflette - Things will be turning a bit French in my kitchen on Wednesday. This is basically like an Irish stew, with potatoes layered on top, overlapping. If it's anything like my Irish stew in my last meal plan, I'll be wishing I have leftovers a million times over! 


Aubergine Daal - A veggie meal for us both, which also uses red lentils, which is great because I already had some! We need to eat less meat in our household, so i'm happy I chose this one. 


On Fridays we tend to play it by ear. Sometimes I plan something but don't end up making it (naughty, I know!) So this time I've decided to not bother and just see what happens. We may end up just getting a takeaway!

What have you got planned for your meals this week? Do you plan your meals for your lunches too?

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