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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Weekly Meal Plan Feb 26th

I've been a bit nicer to myself this week. Last week I really struggled with cooking all the dishes I had planned, due to feeling knackered and also ill towards the end of the week (stupid Storm Doris and the British rail system!!) This week I've gone for comfort over health. I don't care if my body doesn't thank me for it - I know future me will certainly thank me instead. 

Most of my choices have been chosen with the idea that the leftovers will be used for our work lunches. 


Tesco Pizza - Don't judge - A few weeks ago we tried one of Tesco's homemade pizzas from their deli (a bit like the ones Asda do), and they were really nice! I decided we'd have one this week, and as it goes off tomorrow (Monday), I guess we have to have it then! Making evenings a bit easier for myself...


Aubergine Daal - The same meal we were meant to have last Thursday, but because of Storm Doris, I didn't arrive home until 9pm! I also had a headache and didn't feel hungry. The aubergine is still fine, so we'll have it on Tuesday. No waste! I'll also use this meal for our lunches on Wed.


Meatball Marinara - Another meal from Miguel Barclay's One Pound Meals. This recipe is more New York than Italy, but it looks so good; very comforting! It's basically spaghetti and meatballs drenched in a tomato sauce with lots and lots of melted cheese.. yum. I'll use this meal for our lunches on Thursday too.


Cabbage and Bacon Pasta - Another One Pound Meal recipe. I love the simplicity of this recipe. I also really like the combination of bacon and cabbage. It reminds me of brussel sprouts and bacon at Christmas. A nice and easy recipe to round off the week. I'll also have this for lunch on Friday.


On Fridays we tend to play it by ear. Sometimes I plan something but don't end up making it (naughty, I know!) So again, I've decided to see what happens! Last Friday we ended up having KFC because I was staarrving due to not eating all day from a migraine. KFC was actually the perfect medicine, i'm sorry to say! 

What have you got planned for your meals this week? 

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