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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Rock Pool Cafe Mousehole Review

If you read my previous post you would know that I recently took a trip to Cornwall to see my family. 
It was a gorgeous, sunny day, so my sister and I took a trip down to Mousehole with a plan to eat at the Rock Pool Cafe; a place my sister had recommended. 

If you're not familiar with Mousehole, it's a small village and fishing port not far from Newlyn and Penzance. 
To get there you need to drive straight through Penzance and Newlyn. Eventually on your left you will come to a long line of cars parked up. This is where we parked because we didn't want to risk the car park being full and having to turn back! The nearest car park however, is right near the cafe, and it's just along from the parked cars on the left. We walked down to the cafe because it was such a hot day and we were getting pretty stuffy in the car!

As you can see from the picture above, it was a pretty nice day! To get here (above), you just need to walk down the steps from the bottom of the cafe and you can walk into the main village of Mousehole from there. 

Here are the menus - we didn't have a hard time choosing! To drink  I opted for the Belvoir Coconut and Lime presse because i'm a big fan of Mojitos and this just sounded so refreshing. My sister went for the Belvoir Cucumber and Mint presse; also nice and cooling. 

For food, I couldn't resist the Newlyn crab sandwiches (can't get fresh crab like that up here in Cheltenham - see picture at top) and my sister decided to have the Cornish cheese platter because she's a cheese fiend. We did however decide to share because we both wanted what the other had too, so it seemed like the best option. 
The crab was exquisite. SO fresh. The plate it came served on was also super cute. I wanted to take it home!  
The cheese platter was comprised of Cornish Yarg, Helford Blue (not a fan of blue but it's local so you gotta love it) and St Endellon Brie. The chunks of cheese served were pretty generous and the side salad was also good - loved the edition of the slice of watermelon.  All in all, a lovely cheese platter. Oh and the chutney was nice too.

As you can see from the pictures, we sat inside. We didn't however, sit inside the main cafe, we sat inside a little shed/summer house, which houses about 4 people on little benches. It's super cute!
There's are seats outside but they were full when we arrived and also it was pretty hot, so we went for the sensible option of shade. 

The cute and quirky decor inside the shed

The lowdown

Rating: 10/10

Service and staff friendliness: 10/10

Location: 10/10 

Price: Low to mid-range ££ (£8-£9)

Breakfast: No

Lunch: Yes

Dinner: No

Children's menu: Yes

Opening times - 

Monday - Sunday 11am - 5pm


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