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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Unrealistic Christmas Pancake Hack | BLOGMAS DAY 20

I wasn't sure whether to post this 'hack', but then I thought that I'd better share how unrealistic this is. This is not a rant at Food Network (where I found the idea), but more a picking-out-the-flaws of a recipe, type post. 
Food Network posted the idea of santa hat pancakes, as an idea for a Christmas day breakfast. I thought to myself how cute they looked and that I would test them out for the blog. When I make things for the blog, I make them how a normal person would. I don't use any photography tricks to make things look nice, like shaving foam instead of whipped cream, or glue to stick things down in case they fall. I want the reader to be able to replicate my recipes and for them to look exactly the same as mine do..this is the main point i'm trying to make in this post.
I started off making the Pancakes using a ready-made pancake mix, as I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of making my own, what with it being Blogmas and Vlogmas for me this year..oh and Christmas-time too!
The pancakes went well, and so the next step is, as the recipe clearly states, to top with whipped cream and to top that with a strawberry, to which you then top again with cream to make a little hat(phew!) Now I don't know about you but I don't like to wait for my pancakes to go cold before I eat them? 
I squirted on the cream to cover the top and then plopped on the strawberry etc etc. I just managed to take one photo before it all toppled off. It's clear that the reason for this is that the pancakes were hot and obviously the cream melted. So my point is, in the magazine the pancakes were photographed neatly stacked with the cream neatly piled on top a long with the strawberry. There's no way this hack could be recreated at home without waiting for the pancakes to cool down first. 

This is how it went down after the first photo! 


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