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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

My Blog Goals Jan - April 2018 + Stats

I've never written one of these posts before. I think it's because this is the first time I've become really serious about blogging, and it's also the beginning of the year. Last January I wasn't too bothered! 

In this post i'm going to detail my main goals for this blog but also for my social media accounts (including my current stats). I'm also going to talk about some other plans I have for the near and far future. 


1. Consistent content being posted weekly
2. Create a schedule and stick to it! I've just ordered a beautiful planner from - this is going to help me! 

You're thinking, only two goals? Well yes, I have other goals but they're a little bit harder to list since I haven't really laid my ideas down on paper yet. However, I'm planning on - 

1. Being more creative with my recipe posts (more recipe development from my part)
2. Improving my photography skills (better flat lays + use of props)
3. Including a book review section 


I'm planning on creating a second blog. It has been on my mind for a while now. I currently host this blog on Blogger however I'd like to move over to Wordpress. Now, I don't really want the hassle of moving content over, so since I currently blog about three topics (recipes, lifestyle and travel), I thought the best idea would be to create a separate blog about travel using wordpress. Feel free to leave your opinions below! 


In terms of my current blog, it's going to be more personal about me and consist of mainly food and lifestyle posts. I would still like to change the theme of this blog as I do think the recipes could be found easier in a different format. I'd also like to re-develop my old content, such as taking better photos. Who knows, maybe I'll link this into the travel site and just leave this one as purely personal. Too many choices and ideas to handle at the moment! I just don't like the thought of losing this blog as its sorta my baby.


Goals to reach before next review in April 2018

Twitter (@fessjarmer)
Current followers: 1,109
My goal: 2,000

Instagram (jess_cantoni)
Current followers: 596
My goal: 1,000

Youtube (Jess Cantoni)
Current followers: 141
My Goal: 400


In the last 90 days...

Users: 443 (up by 7%)
Sessions: 665 (up by 20.5%)
Session duration: 1 min 13 secs (down by 16.3%)
Time of day for highest amount of users: 12pm on a Wednesday (22 users)
Most popular country visiting site: UK (55.3%)
Second most popular: USA (17.9%) 
Most popular device my blog is view on: Mobile (48.4%)

Audience stats

1st Dec - 1st Jan

Sessions: 403
Users: 237
Page views: 760
Pages per session: 1.89
Session duration: 1 min 6 secs
Bounce rate: 63. 28%
New visitors: 55.8%
Returning visitors: 44.2%

I wanted to make my goals realistic so i've tried to not be too ambitious. I'll review these again in April to see how I've done!

Let me know your goals for 2018 or if you've done a similar post. I love reading them, so link them below and i'll leave a comment!


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