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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Something Changed by Matthew Williams | BOOK REVIEW

We've all been there; we've all felt a little bit, what do they call it? Down in the dumps? But sometimes it's hard to realise when that 'down in the dumps' moment is a more serious issue. 
Mental Health has certainly become less of a taboo, with people opening up freely on their blogs and on Twitter, as well as celebrities and journalists talking about their own struggles. 

I was on Twitter one day, scrolling through, looking for blogger opportunities, when I noticed that Matthew Williams was offering bloggers the chance to review his book, Something Changed. When I saw what he had written about, I thought yes, this book needs recognition and I need to help spread the word. I know my little blog doesn't have a massive following but all it takes is one person to notice that you're not feeling ok; to ask you if you're alright in order to make a difference to your mental health, which hopefully leads you to then make the necessary steps to recovery. That's what this books does; it helps. It understands. If you're someone who has been depressed (me included) then you'll find this book like a comfort blanket; a little 'ahhhh yes' moment when you realise you're not alone. 

Matthew's book is split into what I want to say are like 'mini stories'. No chapter is longer than 4-5 pages; it's a great book to dip in and out of. You can also skip chapters if you're not interested in certain topics. Matthew talks a lot about his divorce and also his trials and tribulations with dating. Throughout the chapters Matthew has also included poems he has written. These poems are beautifully written, some of which can create quite an impact (in a good way!). I'm sure a lot of you will be able to relate to them!

I highly suggest you all go and check out Somethings Changed over on Amazon. I'll leave the link here*.

If you do happen to buy it (recommend you do!) please go and leave a link on the Amazon page. Matthew would highly appreciate it.

Have you read any books that help spread the word about mental health? I'd love to know your suggestions. 

*This link is an Affiliate link which means I'll receive a small profit if you buy from it. Every little helps! 


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