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Friday, 26 January 2018

Trying by Emily Philips | BOOK REVIEW

A story told with humour about the realities of trying for a baby in the 21st Century. I literally couldn't put it down! 

Quick plot run-down (no spoilers) - 

The story is about Felix and Olivia, two 30-somethings who make the conscious decision to try for a baby. Little do they know how much they want said baby until they start having difficulties. This book shows how they trundle through life, balancing work commitments and trying everything under the sun to conceive, whilst everyone around them is popping out babies like it's no tomorrow. Olivia and Felix just want their happily ever after, but then Olivia runs the risk of destroying everything, whilst Felix no longer seems the same person Olivia met at the beginning. 

I really, really enjoyed this book. Emily Philips writes in such a way that had me staying up late just to know what happens next. Apart from the baby-related chat, I could relate to some many things, especially when she speaks about her family (her Mum calling every hour etc). Her family are typically British and if you're British too, she'll have you stitches throughout the book. So many relatable moments!

I like the fact that the text is broken up into short chapters but also includes extra text, such as text messages and emails. It makes for easier reading.

Emily also writes in quite a graphic, honest way, which I expect most people who have been in her situation, will nod in agreement until their heads fall off! 

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who has or is currently trying for a baby, or anyone who enjoys a good laugh! 

Trying by Emily Philips, published by Hoddor & Stoughton, is available now. You can buy a hardcover edition on Amazon* for £10.49.

*this is an affiliate link, meaning I will receive a small profit if you purchase from it

*I received this book from Hoddor & Stoughton via Netgalley. All reviews by me are honest and unbiased.

What do you think about this new title? Would you buy it for yourself or a friend?


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