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Monday, 29 January 2018

Weekly Meal Plan | Asian Flavours

Gosh, is that another week over already?! How crazy quick has this week been and gone? 

So about what I ate from last week's meal plan. You'll remember that I went a bit slow cooker crazy. The vegan slow cooker tikka masala was amazing; perfectly creamy and not too spicy. And healthy too! 

The pan-seared salmon with spinach and beans was just what I needed on Friday night. Fabio unfortunately missed his portion as he had a school event to attend to. He ate the leftovers yesterday and it still tasted as good as the first time round.

The warm lamb and halloumi rice salad was literally THE BEST thing we ate all week. I definitely recommend you ALL go over to my previous meal plan (above) to check it out. Honestly, the lamb was so succulent but mixed with honey, harissa and roasted veggies, it was a dream. Will be making it again for sure. 

The slow cooker and pork mustard stew was really yummy too. A certain mid-week meal hit! 

And lastly, the 4-hour slow-cooker chicken was an interesting way to cook a chicken. I think i still prefer roasting, as it doesn't take as long but I loved the experiment! And the chicken was very succulent, so still a win. 

Here are the meals i've collected from my fellow foodie bloggers this week. 

If you're new, I'll just explain. I decided that as I see so many delicious recipes each week popping up, I thought i'd give them ago myself and take the meal-planning load off myself. Hopefully I can take the meal-planning off you further with my compiled meal plan below. Happy eating without stress!

This week there's a bit of an Asian theme, except 1 obviously American recipe. 


Last year I visited Philadelphia, and what an amazing city it is. I was only there for a day on transit and was staying in the Hilton near the airport. I was feeling a bit sick and didn't really want to go down to the restaurant so decided to order some room-service. When I saw the famous Philly Cheesesteak on the menu, I HAD to give it a try. It was delicious: melt-in-the-mouth beef with melt-y cheese served in a roll. It sure did cheer me up! I've decided to re-create this memory with the Philly Cheesesteak from Crock Pot . I'm hoping it will be as good!


Stepping into Middle Eastern territory now. My Husband and I love the Middle East and have visited many times (he was born there). When I saw the Baked Falafel from Recipes Made Easy,  they had to make it into my meal plan. They look super quick and easy for a mid-week meal, and i'm sure any leftovers (if we can spare any!) will be eaten for lunch the next day. 


Moving over to India, a country I'm dying to visit. This Aloo Methi (a potato dish with spices and tomato) from Simple Gluten Free Kitchen includes all the flavours I crave in a meal and also used the unusual ingredient of Fenugreek. I managed to find it on Ocado, which was lucky! I just need to buy or make some chapatis to serve it with! 


And then back to the Middle East (feeling tired now haha), I thought  this Aromatic Lamb and Warm Grain salad from A Mummy Too looked super yummy and another great mid-week meal choice. I love lamb, and totally fell in love with the lamb recipe last week, so i'm sure this will be an instant hit. It's also really healthy as it includes quinoa and bulgar wheat. It could easily be turned vegan too!


No plans as of yet. This is also Fabio's meal slot but he hasn't communicated his decision to me yet!! Sorry haha. If you head on over to Hijacked by Twins, you'll find plenty of choice in the Meal Planning Monday linky. 


Do you find these meal plans useful? Do you make a meal plan? 

Hijacked By Twins


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