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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Let's have a chat... Victoria Austin

I'm really loving reading all your interview answers! So many people have commented saying that it's really great to learn about other bloggers, how they work and their opinions on topics etc.. 

I have been thinking about re-writing the interview questions as I wrote the current ones a year or so ago and I'd like to ask questions you want to know about other bloggers. That's not to say I don't like the current questions but these were all from my head! I want to know what you think!

What would you like to ask other bloggers? Let me know in the comments! 

Today on the blog I'll be talking to Victoria Austin, a lifestyle blogger who blogs at from the South West of England, in Devon (near my home county of Cornwall!)
It's great to talk to another Southern blogger (nothing against Northern bloggers, just for the record!)

Victoria blogs about topics such as fashion, beauty, homeware, books, DIY and the outdoors. She's also a keen gardener and a lover of photography, and of course I quizzed her on this; so read on to find out where Victoria suggests are brilliant places to take photos in Devon.

Here's Victoria doing some she loves: gardening! Credit - Victoria.

Drop what you're doing, go make that cup of tea (i'll still be here when you get back!), put your feet up for a second and read on to find out how Victoria likes to blog.

The wonderful Victoria Austin. Credit- Victoria.

First things first, how would you describe your blog?
It's a lifestyle blog with a general mix of content from fashion to beauty, the outdoors and more.

So, how long have you been blogging for?
On and off for a number of years. My current blog is around 6 months old now. 

Full time or spare time blogger?
Somewhere in-between.

What was your main reason for starting your blog?
I just really wanted to get back into blogging. I missed creating content.

Content-creating is the best! Do you have a blogging schedule or do you write what you fancy at the time?
Sometimes I'll already have an idea for content I want to do, other times it's a spur of the moment thing, like oh let's blog about that today.

I'm the same! Are you a sofa blogger or do you prefer to sit in an office?
I'm usually sat with my laptop on my bed.

Can't beat a bit of bed-blogging! So where would your ideal place to blog be?
Blogging at the beach sounds fun! I'm lucky to live right near the sea - perhaps i'll give that a go sometime this year. 

I miss the sea.. What's your blogging daily routine? How do you manage your time?
I don't really have a routine. I tend to blog in-between whatever else I'm doing.

We've been chatting for a while now... do you want a cup of coffee, a brew or something herbal? 
Decaf coffee cappuccino; milk and sugar.

Yes! A fellow coffee drinker. So let's talk about future plans. Where do you see your blog in the next few years?
I'd love for it to continue to grow.

If you could develop your blog in any way, what would you do? 
Wouldn't that be amazing. I've already sold some of my art before in a non-blogging way, but to do merchandise, I'd love that! My own stationary line; that would be brilliant.

That's great! Where do you find inspo to write a blog post?
It's often when I've bought something that I really like and I'm like oh, I could blog about that.

Do you always find it easy coming up with ideas?
Ideas come and go. After blogging everyday in October for Blogtober, I struggled a bit for a while with thinking of ideas for content. 

Totally get that. Any advice for those who find it difficult?
Get a piece of paper and write down a list of prompt ideas; look back at older content - what do you normally write about? If you're a book blogger, you could read a book and post a review or perhaps try and think of a how-to post you think people might find useful.

Great advice! So, how do you interact with other bloggers? 

I love to join in with Twitter chats. I think more people do find out about you with those and it's great interacting with other bloggers as well.

I need to join in with more Twitter chats myself. Have you ever collaborated with another blogger? And how would you approach another blogger? 
I've recently sent a guest post to another blogger, Maud (My Passion Projects). Twitter is great for collaborating with other bloggers (it's how I asked to be a part of this interview series!). I love collaborating with other bloggers though, so if anyone reading this would like to collab with me, let me know!

I love Twitter too! Do you have a blogging idol?
There are several that I think, "wow, I'd love to be as cool as you" when their blogs have amazing photography and brilliant content.

Do you think it's better to blog about everything and anything or to focus on a niche?
I could never stick to just one niche. I've got too many different interests and I'd like to write about whatever I want at any given time.

Let's talk about money now. What do you think is the biggest cost in blogging?

Your time probably; putting posts together, sometimes it's quicker than others. I don't mind though because it's something I love doing.

Time is precious. So, have you attended any blogging events?
I haven't yet but i'd love to attend some brand or general blogger events.

Do you feel it's difficult to be in know about events?
I have a habit of finding out about events on the day they're happening, which is obviously a bit late. Where do you find out about them?

For me, usually on blogging Facebook groups. I'd recommend joining some! I haven't actually to been to any myself yet. Do you feel that there should be more acknowledgement and promotion of bloggers in the press?
I think there should; a lot of hard work goes into blogs.

Blogs are used a lot these days to talk about issues such as mental health. If you could use your blog as a platform to talk about something perhaps taboo, what would you talk about and why?
I'm not sure actually. I tend to stick to more light-hearted topics on my blog.

That's fair enough! Any tips for a novice blogger starting out?
Find your own style; what makes you *you* in the blogging world.

Thank you so much Victoria! I've actually learnt a lot from this. 

Since Victoria is a keen photographer and lives in the beautiful county of Devon, I asked her for her recommendations on best places to take photographs there -

Top 3 places to take photographs in Devonshire

Beautiful Dawlish in Devonshire. Credit - Victoria.

1. Dawlish: not only have you got the seafront and coastline, there are cliffs you can walk up as well. Also, if you're into wildlife there's the lawn area and next to it you'll find some water, where there are all number of waterfowl, including the Dawlish Black Swan.

2. Dawlish Warren: just along the coastline from Dawlish but it has a nature reserve and lovely sandy paths to go walking on.

3. Stover Country Park is a place I've visited for a few years now; it's a wonderful walkway. The main area pretty much goes round in a circle but there are plenty of paths off of it to explore as well. A brilliant place to see wildlife too.

Thank you Victoria! Go check out Victoria's blog at / Victoria tweets at @victoriaxaustin 

Come back next week to hear from a Cotswoldian foodie blogger. If you want to take part, drop me a tweet with your email address @fessjarmer 


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