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Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Zanzibar Wife by Deborah Rodriguez | BOOK REVIEW

An intriguing tale of 3 very different women from very different backgrounds. The Zanzibar Wife is all about the difference between cultures but how in the end we are all the same.

Before I launch into the review, here's a little background info (no spoilers) -

The story is set in the Middle East, in Dubai, Zanzibar but mainly Oman where all three characters end up. The three women are all very different. You have - 

Rachel: An American women who previously worked as a war photographer and who ends up in Oman on a job very different to what she usually does.

Ariana: A Pakistani women living in Dubai who is too afraid to go back home to the UK as she is afraid her family will think of her as a failure. She's endlessly trying to keep up with her peers despite having little money and an unstable job, until she meets Rachel.

Miza: A women from Zanzibar who ends up in Oman, leaving the little family she has left back home, as the second wife of her Husband, Tariq.

I had partly read Deborah Rodriquez's previous book, The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul and really enjoyed what I had read, so I jumped at the chance of reading this book when I saw it. 

It usually takes me a while to get into books if I find the beginning to be quite slow, however I didn't find this title to be like that. I think this is due to it being written from the point of view of not only the 3 women but also Miza's younger sister Sabra; it really helps to break the story up and not get bored of certain characters. 

I love finding out about different cultures and despite already knowing quite a lot about the Middle Eastern culture, I found this book fascinating. It really does talk about the culture in truth of what it's really like and informs of things you might not have known, especially when it comes to Islam. 

The characters are all really interesting and have there own little story to follow. I really love it when stories are like this rather than following one character. I particularly liked how Miza was portrayed as the author has got it spot on when describing the troubles second wives go through in their culture. Having personally taught men and women from many countries out there, I have heard many things similar to what Miza goes through. 

I recommend this book if you're looking for a story you can get your teeth into but perhaps if you're wishing for a bit more mental stimulation. It's not as an 'easy read' as other women's fiction I've read due to some of the themes (violence) but I still found it a 'happy' read (it's not too sad).

The Zanzibar Wife by Deborah Rodriguez, published by Sphere, is available now. You can buy it on Amazon UK* for £3.99.

*this link is an affiliate link meaning I gain a small profit if you buy from it.

I received this book for review from the publisher via Netgalley. All opinions are unbiased and my own.

Have you read any of Deborah Rodgriquez's other titles? Do you prefer reading books to simply get away or do you like learning things at the same time?


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