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Monday, 12 February 2018

Weekly Meal Plan | February 12th

Half-term has officially begun and so that means I have Fabio here with me this week. It'll be nice to enjoy some time together, despite the cold weather! Today its nice and sunny though but still freezing cold. Anywho, last week's meal plan went down pretty well:

The Waitrose sticky fig, prosciutto and parmesan rib of beef was so so yummy, I wish they did it all-year-round. The beef was so tender from having been wrapped in the prosciutto, and the sweet flavours from the fig really went well with the saltiness of the ham. 
The mela al forno was, on the other hand, ok. It wasn't anything to write home about. I think next time I need to leave the apples to cook for a bit longer as they were slightly harder than expected. 

The salmon with broccoli, lime, ginger, chilli and garlic went down really well! Everyone really enjoyed it. I'm definitely going to be making more meals from The Roasting Tin cookbook - it's so easy to just throw everything in the pan as one!
The chocolate puds were also really good. I'd made them before so I knew what to expect. They didn't take me too long to make either. Most people would think, what a faff to make straight after dinner but for me, It's something I really enjoy so it doesn't feel like a chore. 

Five Guys was as yummy as always. I ended up having the small bacon cheeseburger and I finally decided to try one of their milkshakes. I  chose the vanilla one with oreo and omg, It was SO good. Definitely will be having more of those.

Fabio wasn't feeling great after work, so I made the Mac n Cheese instead. We'd had it before so I knew we'd enjoy it. His parents really liked it too, despite it not being a proper Italian dish. 

The Indian, Delhi Heights, was super yummy as always, and again, Fabio's parents really enjoyed it. Their naan bread is just perfection. I could eat it any day of the week!

On Saturday we headed off to Daylesford Organic Farm in Kingham and had lunch there. I had a flat-iron chicken breast with kale which was light but surprisingly filling. Everyone really enjoyed themselves there; it's always a lovely treat to visit. In the evening we had a bits and bobs dinner of: cheeses, salami, scotch eggs, bread and the leftover Indian food. 

Yesterday we had lunch at our nearby pub (a small roast dinner) and then went out to The Ivy for dinner. The Ivy is always impressive. For starters I had a classic prawn cocktail and then went on to have the crab linguine and ended with a simple creme brûlée. Everything was superb, apart from the creme brûlée which was a tad grainy (but I still ate it!) We finished it off with coffee (I had mine with cream as I don't often have it!)

Next week's meals are a bit all-over the place. I'm going to be cooking from a couple of bloggers and then one meal is going to a recipe for my food blog (Jess Eats and Travels). The rest I've left blank because we just don't know what we're doing!


No plan for Monday as Fabio's parents are still here and so we'll just play it by ear for what we want to do. 


We bought some lamb steaks coated in a minty marinade from Morrisons and so we'll have those with some vegetables I expect! Since it's pancake day, I'm playing it simple and will cook these Fluffy American Pancakes from the petit cook. I'll then add my own toppings; probably Nutella! If you're in need of pancake inspiration, I've compiled the 50 best pancake recipes from UK food bloggers on my other blog. I've categorised them into different types to make it easier for choosing!


Today i'll be making some recipes for my food blog (see above). I'm starting a new series where I cook from every country of the world, and since I have to do everything in order, I'm of course starting with the letter 'A' and so will first cook dishes from Afghanistan. I'm not going to give away what exactly though! You'll have to look out for the posts. Hehe.


As I usually cook something I've seen on a linky I link up to, I'm going to try the Caribbean chicken with pineapple salsa from Once Upon A Food Blog. I'm craving summertime at the moment (as is most people) and I think this will be the perfect antidote to transport us off to a Caribbean island!


No plans for Friday. I'll leave it blank as we'll probably have a takeaway being the weekend and all! 

What are your plans for the week? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing what other people are eating! It gives me inspiration!



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