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Monday, 26 February 2018

Weekly Meal Plan | Full of Flavour

I hope you've all been enjoying your Monday so far! Last week was a slow one or was that just me? I think it might have felt like that for me because I was thinking a lot about an interview I did on Friday with an author (more to come on that later this week!)

So how were last week's meals?

Well on Monday, the beef goulash (see last's week's meal plan) was super yummy and easy to make too! I just love paprika so it's was an instant hit. 

On Tuesday I tested Albania's national dish, Tave Kosi; a lamb dish baked with yoghurt/egg topping. It was surprisingly really nice! I wasn't too sure about the yoghurt and egg combo at first but I really liked it in the end. I'll post the link here once it's gone up on the other blog -

We made pizza's from the Two Greedy Italian's cookbook (pizza delle alpi). They were made without a tomato base and with creme fraiche and gruyere cheese instead. Omg it was so good! Although Fabio made his dough too thin and it sorta started leaking through the bottom. I had to clean up the cheesy mess from the bottom of the oven yesterday! 

Now the grilled sardines were a bit of a disaster. I had bought them from Tesco, reduced, and stuck them in the freezer. I defrosted them and they smelt fine. However after grilling, we tasted one and it was just so metallic-y! Honestly it was vile. We had to throw them all away unfortunately! Well I actually gave a few flaked bits to the cat, so she was happy! Next time i'll definitely buy fresh and eat straight after!

On Friday we had a cheeky Dominos! 

Next week I'm going back to cooking more recipes from bloggers, so here's what i've got planned:


On Monday, Fabio and I are off out for a dance festival that his school is performing in, so i'm going to prepare these chicken adobo and black bean tacos from the Bearded Hiker in advance, so we can munch them quickly when Fabio gets home from work, before running out the door! 


On Tuesday I'm off out for an event/course on Pinterest, so we'll be having pizza again. It's an easy choice because we've got some more of that ready-made dough in the freezer! 


Nothing to do in the evenings on Wednesday, so i'll try out this belly pork chilli con carne from Fish Come From The Sky. I'm intrigued because it's made with Guinness and dark chocolate!


Fabio really wanted to contribute to the cooking this week (he always does but i'm a little bit controlling when it comes to the plan.. oops!) Fabio is going cook something he's done before which we both loved; a salad with crispy bacon, avocado and black pudding. Its inspired from a salad he had out in a pub once in Canterbury. 


I'm testing out the recipes for my cook-around-the-world mission! You might already know about it but I'm basically going through all the countries alphabetically, developing recipes and writing them up for my food blog. This week it's food from Algeria! Algerian food is very similar to Middle Eastern food since it's in North Africa; lots of spices, lamb and yummy bread made from semolina flour. Look out for my posts next week!

Do you have anything interesting planned this week? I'd love to know!



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