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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Weekly Meal Plan | Healthier than normal

Happy Monday guys! Welcome to my weekly meal plan! How was your weekend? I can't believe how quick the last one went (I think I always say that though!) In terms of blogging, it has been pretty productive. I actually stepped out of the house twice (one for a course, the other for a dance show) which is great because I usually get holed up at home, blogging (which I obvs enjoy) and don't get the chance to get out much! 

Another exciting thing happened this week: Fabio and I booked another holiday away, to Albania via Corfu! I'm pretty excited for it (in May) as we've both never been and it's one of those counties not many people think to travel to, so sorta feel like i'm discovering something new! 

In terms of meals, last week's were a success, however I feel my plan contained a bit too much meat. It certainly didn't feel like the healthiest of weeks, hence why this week I've planned a lot of veg-based meals.

(See last week's meal plan for all the below recipes)

The chicken adobo tacos were SO GOOD though. Such a great meal to have to use up leftover chicken. Annoyingly we ate it in a bit of rush because of the show we were going out to see. 

The pizzas were also pretty good with pretty standard toppings: ham, mozzarella, tomato and basil (also was a bit of a rush!)

The belly pork chill was so flavoursome and filling! Annoyingly I didn't have any dark chocolate (I was convinced I had some!) - yes, the chilli called for dark choc!

Fabio's salad, which consisted of lettuce, bacon, avo and black pudding, was really good! Despite it just being a salad, I was really full after! Definitely need to incorporate more salads into the plans! Roll on summer! 

The recipe testing for my around-the-world cooking mission went well (apart from one!)- look out for those next week on my food and travel blog (see link above)


As I said before, I need to eat more veggie meals and cut back on the meat a bit! This vegan lentil chilli from Searching for spice looks so wholesome and great to have for lunch the next day; something I intend to do for most of these meals. 


I know I just said I'd cut back on meat but we have some frozen diced chicken in the freezer which I bought reduced last week. I'll replace the chicken legs and thighs in this recipe with that. I adore Middle Eastern food and savoury recipes that include fruit, so this chicken tagine with lemon, dates and apricots from Calm Eats sounds perfect. 


We haven't eaten a lot of pasta dishes recently which is strange because we have an abundance of pasta in the larder! The aubergine and mozzarella pasta from Easy Peasie Foodie is just what I'm looking for. The only thing is that Tesco were out of aubergines on the weekend due to the snow crisis, so I'll have to ask Fabio to pick one up on the way home from work!


Today is a day for testing a recipe from Andorran cuisine (Andorra is a small country between France and Spain, in the mountains). All I can say is that it's going to be a potato-related side dish and we'll have it with some Cumberland sausages. 


Haven't planned anything for Friday as we may end up going out! 

Do you sometimes get stuck in a rut of eating lots of meat? Or do you enjoy that? There's no right answer; you should only eat what you enjoy!



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